If you discovered construction issues

Whether you’ve just had your first home built, or even if it is one of many, most of us are familiar with both the relief and excitement in knowing that construction is finally finished, along with the euphoria that accompanies moving in. Those feelings may fade to frustration, however, if perhaps one day after a heavy rainfall you discover there are one or more leaks in the house that are causing damage.  

Suddenly you may be spending more time discussing construction of the home with your contractor than ever, when all you really wanted to do was enjoy your new surroundings. Taking these issues to the next level with the potential for litigation can be quite intimidating, which is why it is so important to have counsel that knows the law thoroughly and is experienced with handling cases like yours.

If you discovered construction issues immediately or even years later in your single-family home, Scott D. Levine, APC can offer expert assistance in finding resolution to the problems. Our first step is to identify the defect and work from there. 

The defect may be something you noticed due to leaks from the window or roof, or your homeowners’ association may have pointed you toward the issue as other similar homes in the neighborhood have the same defect that needs to be resolved.

To get started, we will need basic information

Construction defects usually occur because of faulty products or because someone working on the project was trying to save time and money—or a combination of both. It is important to contact us as soon as you realize there is an issue, and especially if years have passed and your home is approaching the ten-year mark. With Attorney Scott Levine’s unique background in 2002 in co-writing and co-negotiating Senate Bill 800, also known as the ‘Right to Repair’ bill, you can be assured that your case is in the hands of an attorney well-versed in this portion of the law.

To get started, we will need basic information about your home such as how old it is, who built it, and details from you regarding any suspected construction defects. We will then set up an appointment with you so we can come out to visit the property with our team of experts. Our team consists of numerous experts who have knowledge in the fields of building and construction, to include architects, mechanical engineers and plumbing experts, and a general contractor. We often employ the advice of soils engineers, structural engineers, and experts in materials. 

The initial consultation, allowing us to examine the defect in question, is free of charge and any obligation on your part. If it turns out that we can help you and you want to pursue the case once we’ve identified the defect, we can then help you through the necessary pre-litigation process. After that, whether it is through litigating, arbitrating, or otherwise negotiating, we will work very hard to attain positive results and see that you reach an expedient conclusion to your case. 

To schedule a free consultation with Scott Levine regarding your single-family home construction defect, please call us now at 213-880-4585 or contact us by email at info@ScottLevineLaw.com.

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