It has been said that when you move into a new home, it takes nearly a year to fully settle in–and in that time you certainly aren’t expecting problems like defective gutters. From purchasing the perfect piece of land, to seeking out the best contractor to build your dream home—and then waking up on moving day—having a new home built can be an exciting but long and expensive process. Because of that, it can be particularly disappointing to discover that your home has one or more construction defects. This may be compounded by the fact that you did not discover the defect until months after moving in.

Construction defects are often found in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. The roof or ventilation system may be defective, or there may be serious issues with the structure or foundation itself. Drainage around the top and sides of your home is a serious consideration in building a new home too though, and if the gutter system is not working properly, you may encounter serious problems that will require swift resolution.

Gutters offer protection to the roof and home, carrying water away from it and allowing it to be transported through pipes that are attached to the home. As we often discuss, water intrusion and improper diversion can cause surprising damage to a home, but when affecting the exterior, it can be even more serious as the foundation of your home may be in peril.

Water pooling where it does not belong can cause significant damage, from top to bottom. Gutters must be set up properly so they do not affect the roof area, or the structure or foundation of your home. Water runoff can affect soil, sidewalks, driveways, and more, so the location of pipes should be carefully considered.

Defective gutters may be caused by shoddy workmanship or inferior materials. Along with improper setup and direction of water runoff, clogging will cause serious issues too, as water cannot be properly diverted. Materials on the exterior of the home may begin to rot, along with growing mold and mildew. Paint may have begun to peel in some areas, and materials may also begin to crack, deteriorate, and rust. Roof shingles may be affected as well.

If caught early, you may be able to prevent serious damage to the rest of the house due to a gutter system defect. Contact Scott D. Levine, APC as soon as possible for a free consultation. Call us now at (213) 880-4585 or contact us by email at We are here to help!